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My approach to photography is stress-free, fun, and in the moment. I want the experience to be fun and enjoyable for my clients. I like to capture and create modern images with emotion, also mixing unique angles to create nontraditional artistic photos with little details, bright colors, funny faces and touching moments. I do take time to create some classic posed images as well for those who like the traditional style settings.

During a typical child session you will probably see me crawling around, climbing on chairs or lying on the ground all to get that perfect angel. It is important to make the child comfortable with simple conversation to bring out their personalities. I am not afraid to act silly or get a little messy! My end goal is to capture that genuine expression from your child, that little look that is precious about your child, at their current stage of their life. I love the look of a serious child with a face that is all eyes, or even a pouty look. A perfect image isn’t always the perfect smile, or behavior, it is the photograph of that perfect moment.

Approximately two weeks after your session, your proofs will be ready to view in a private online, password protected, gallery. Online viewing is a great way to share with family and friends; they also will have the opportunity to place an order online that will ship directly to them. Your gallery will remain online for two weeks. Payment is due at the time of ordering. Orders will be mailed out to you about 10 business days after order is received.


What to wear

The most frequently asked question is "What should we wear for the photo session?" Here are some helpful wardrobe tips for professional photography sessions. Memorable portraits take careful planning, so the clothing you choose is very important to successfully achieve a timeless photograph. Of course the selection of clothing is always up to you!

With that said, I have found that solid colors and small patterns let the face remain the focus of the photo. That doesn't mean the clothes have to be plain, I love the funky colors and mixed patterns for a fashion look as well.

Do be aware that a small logo can jump out in a photograph so I discourage pictures on shirts. I recommend wearing different textures and fabrics, layering as much as possible, good color (i.e., knits, ruffles, denim) and accessories. The reasoning behind this is you can add, remove and create almost an entirely different look by removing a jacket, or adding other accessories. Keep each person a little unique but stay within a color scheme. Have fun and be creative! Think coordinating not matching.

Sessions for your child(ren) - go ahead play around with their clothes, mix and match colors, add cute accessories. Big bows on girls and funky neck ties on boys add so much more to a portrait, and hats are adorable. Bring items along that are important to the child like a favorite blanket or a toy, or outside item like a skateboard. The possibilities are endless when it comes to styling these sessions. Bare feet are always fun and less stress for sessions when it is warmer!

I have put together a list of some fun Boutiques! I even have a few friends that can make custom outfits right here in Topeka if interested!

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